Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How an organism gains its 3D shape.


We have discussed how the material realm is formed from infinite light via the creation of a mirror realm that shapes it. This mirror realm contains the blueprint for the events and creations in material reality.

Biologist have issues to answer the question how an organism gains its three-dimensional shape. The shape actually already exists as a blueprint in the c2 region. This informs the dumb molecules as to how to organize themselves. Just as dark matter shapes the galaxies, so are living organisms shaped by the dark/antimatter region. Everything in our universe has its mirror component that already exists.

This could also explain the results obtained by Harold Saxton Burr when he examined the electrical field around the unfertilized egg of salamanders and found the shape of an adult salamander. Just as the chakra, the piezoelectric field around the egg is a representation of information that exists in the c2 region, which has a negative timeline. The salamander already exists in negative time, even though the egg has not even being fertilized. The molecules within the egg grow into the salamander shape with the c2 region as  its blueprint.

Evolution itself exists in a timeline, becoming more ordered and sophisticated from a less ordered state. The process is following a blueprint, which is fueled ultimately by infinity and is therefore limitless in its energy.


Manjir Samanta Laughton (Punk Science)