Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Free will Part 2

It is only in the c (matter) and c2 (antimatter) regions that a sequence of events exists. The sequences run both forward and backward in time. It may be possible for some people to tune their consciousness to be the c2 region and see events that have “happened” in the future.

Many people believe that we choose our reality in each moment. This view is one that features heavily in teachings that may be considered “ New Age”, but also in the philosophical considerations of quantum physics. As we recall, at the quantum level of reality, particles exist in a state of infinite reality, it is our observation that collapses this nebulous existence into something more tangible. Some have interpreted this as saying that we have infinite choice in each moment of our lives, even that each choice has been made by a parallel you, in a parallel universe. The film that has popularized the idea of infinite choice in each moment is “What the bleep do we know”.
But the Black Hole Principle shows us that the sea of infinite choice that is glimpsed in quantum physics is actually the region that exists out of space and time. When below the Perception horizon (below the speed of light0, which is complexed with its mirror world, the choice has already been made. This is why quantum physics often criticize the idea that we have infinite choice and create our own reality, saying that the “real world” does not act like quantum world.
The parallel worlds are actually the infinite choices that are presented to our infinite selves. But within our reality (below the speed of light), our lives are predetermined; there is no parallel “you” making another choice. This also means that the choices we make are always the “right” ones because our infinite selves have already chosen them.
It helps to create acceptance of the reality that is in front of you instead of trying to choose your way out of it, which is paradoxically disempowering, because it implies that you are a victim of circumstance. You have already chosen that reality as you are limitless. We may dislike some of the aspects of our lives, but we have chosen them from our limitless, infinite selves in order to give ourselves the right circumstances to learn within a particular life.
As people travel on their spiritual journey, they often encounter a stage of development when it seems that linear, ego self creates reality. We seem to manifest our intentions. Although this works, it appears to be a prelude to a time of surrender when there is no longer any need to create, as the individual realizes that everything has already been created by themselves anyway. It is not so much our consciousness that creates reality, but consciousness itself that creates and we are part of it.

-Manjir Samanta Laughton- (Punk Science)