Wayne Dyer: How each of us can overcome the obstacles we face everyday

Wayne Dyer: 10 principles / The power of intention





Wayne Dyer: Faith/Synchronicity/Consciousness

Debbie Ford: The Shadow Effect


In memory of Debbie Ford, a wonderful woman and spiritual teacher who just died.
She talks about our SHADOW that keeps us from full self-expression, from speaking truth, from living an authentic life. It is only by embracing our duality that we free ourselves of the behaviors that can potentially bring us down. If we don't acknowledge ALL of who we are, we are guaranteed to be blindsided by the shadow effect.

Steven Hairfield: 12 principles of Karma

Steven Hairfield gives a very clear explanation about how karma works and how powerful our thoughts are! www.hairfield.com




Steven hairfield: Karma "The Law of the Mirrors"

This video is on the sixth principle of Karma known as the 'Law of the Mirrors'. In this principle there are seven aspects to the mirrors. The essence of this law is this "If you see something in another then it must be within you first". www.hairfield.com

Steven Hairfield: Karma "Cause and Effect"

Every monk is taught the 12 principles of Karma this is the same knowledge that you will hear on this video. Karma is very real and could be taken more genuinely by all people. If we did we would not do half of what we do in life. www.hairfield.com


Steven hairfield: Kindness-Compassion

We all are born with two things life and an internal clock that is always ticking. No one knows when that clock will reach that last tick. We are here to offer only love, kindness, and compassion. We are divine. www.hairfield.com

Steven hairfield: Self Acceptance

Part 2 of the series on awakening to divine consciousness, the idea of self acceptance, self love, and the path of perfection. No one is able to truly avoid themselves because you are the common threads in all experiences. www.hairfield.com

Steven hairfield: Awaken to the Devine Self

We are much greater than we perceive or have been taught. We are the seed of the Divine that created us and we are more powerful than most of us may fully realize. Search within for the truth of you then bring it forth into your life. www.hairfield.com

Steven Hairfield: Realization vs Answers

Answers draw a conclusion while realization is open ended. On the path of consciousness answers will not assist you but realization does indeed. It is the key of consciousness to become self realized not self answered? www.hairfield.com

Steven Hairfield: The Truth of who we are?

It is my desire to awaken people to the truth of us as divine beings with greater ability than we realize. All people are very special and have great ability which we do not use. We are as infinite as the universe itself. www.hairfield.com





Steven Hairfield: The Value of the Ego

The human ego I feel is one of most misunderstood attributes about us. It has great value in the sense that is our unique expression of who we actually are. It is what separates us as individuals. It is our identity. So many people have said that it is something that we must get rid of yet if we did we would be nothing more than robots. It is one of the greatest powers that we have. It is our true creative ability! We have simply not been taught how to use it. It is our teacher in a sense as it shows us our weaknesses our frailness and by so doing it will lead us in how to strengthen them to the point where we have no weakness only true internal strength. Make your ego your friend you ally and by so doing it will teach you and then you will be able to hone and control it to achieve much higher levels of consciousness!




Steven Hairfield on addiction to depression, anxiety, anger

Steven discusses addictions not alcohol or drugs no it is much deeper than this! We as the human have the ability to become addicted to things that we do not like such as depression or even anxiety and even anger. Why? We are human we have a body to give us experiences and we have the ability to become attached to these experiences whether we like them or not. One of the greatest hurdles if you will is the human physical form and the outer world. We set ourselves up to have the experiences of things such as anxiety and even depression, yes it is true. Why do we have the cycles in life that we do? It is for the very same reason. The idea of self mastery is to overcome physical attachments and it is these attachments that hold us in place. Once we free ourselves from the things we seem to want we are able to move much easier into higher consciousness. Interestingly enough once we reach that higher level within us there are no longer any addictions nor are there any attachments. The idea of this short video is to give people food for thought on their very own behavior. If the outer world gives you anxiety then the outer world is controlling you and this was never meant for us to do. To be truly empowered then you be the power and all else fades.








The end of the Ego / The Awakening by Eckhart Tolle







Eckhart Tolle: The ego and relationships

Eckhart Tolle: the energy of the current Economy

Eckhart Tolle: Are Thoughts the source of Ego?




Echkart Tolle: Expressing Emotions





Gregg Braden: Deep Truth

His newest book is entitled, Deep Truth: Igniting the Origin of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate. Deep Truth reveals new discoveries that change the way we think about everything from our personal relationships to civilization itself. Gregg Braden shows us how the world has been built on false assumptions and how important it is now to reconnect to who we really are and redefine our relationship to the earth and others. www.greggbraden.com

Yogis of Tibet

For the first time, the reclusive and secretive Tibetan monks agree to discuss aspects of their philosophy and allow themselves to be filmed while performing their ancient practices.

Lama Tsultrim

The ultimate compassion is to nurture and love, rather than resist and destroy our enemies, obstacles, and demons. Lama Tsultrim Allione shares the teachings and practices of Feeding Your Demons, a five-step process that enables one to compassionately engage with one’s demons, rather than continue the cycle of struggle and suppression.




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