Nassim Haramein

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1) Sacred Geometry / Unified Fields Theory 



2) We are all One

3) Important Statements and Information





4) You create your reality BUT reality is creating you! 

 5) Our shift in consciousness

6) Solar system dynamic, DNA imprinting information, memory, healing

7) Solar flares, Solar cycles 



8) Solar system dynamic / Implication in psychology 



9) Flower of Life



11) Double Torus Dynamic



Free Energy! We just need to use the geometry and dynamic of Space!



 THRIVE is an unconventional documentary now available to watch online at






Holographic Universe: Would the Akashic Records be the 2D surface of the black hole?







The Fabric of the cosmos: What is Space?

Holographic Universe: The Secret beyond Matter

The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.









Wilhem Reich and the Orgone Energy

Over many years Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy 

Who is Afraid of Wilhelm Reich 

The fame of Wilhelm Reich, whose ideas are nowadays anew experiencing a renaissance, especially in the USA, is based on two pillars: The concept of Sexual Revolution and the concept of Orgone Energy.
The film by Antonin Svoboda describes equally informative as well as concise the origin of both concepts as rooted in the life of Wilhelm Reich, embedded in 20th Century History.
It is very well suitable for an introduction to life and work of Reich, though not totally objective.


The science "As above so below"

This Science of 'as above so below' is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! The stars above and the stars below, i.e.: our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself.

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