Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bali, island of duality!

Bali is the island showing, at a smaller scale, what the whole world has become! Bali is the symbol of duality: Beauty and human pollution! Peaceful places and agitated minds! Nature and plastic! Kindness and self-interest! Ocean sound and loud music!....

Wherever you go, you'll find something that you like about the island and at the same time you are going to catch yourself saying: Oh my God that's insane! Plastic pollution in the blue waters of the ocean, in the green forest, sound pollution with loud music everywhere you go...yes a lot of people are afraid of silence! Fumes in cities from cars and countless motorbikes. The dark side of the human mind is killing Bali as much as the world slowly but surely. 

Following a principle of Karma: Wherever you go, you are! Bali helped me to understand why I was visiting this piece of land during that time of my life and showed me, like standing in front of a mirror the different parts of myself that were hidden deeply in the labyrinth of my psyche. Bali is going to shake you, this old energy coming in this "modern" society through different traditions and the energy of the island itself is going to force you to see what you are trying to hide. 

It is said that Bali is a chakra of the earth and it needs a deep cleanse from all the human activity. South and North of the island are the two different energies coming together to make Bali a piece of land that is not going to let you indifferent, whatever you came for, vacation, business or self-discovery....Enjoy the journey!