Thursday, August 13, 2015

Conference: Dr Robert Schoch on Solar Radiation, The Last Iceage & Easter Island !

A Must See Presentation: Easter Island, Solar Radiation & the Last Iceage. Dr Robert Schoch has doctorate degrees from Yale University in Geo-Physics and Geology. He is a tenured Professor at the prestigious Boston University, as well as a New York Times Best Selling Author.

The video above is a brilliant presentation delivered at the Earth-Keeper 2014 Dtar-Gate Gathering in Arizona, where he received enthusiastic & repeated standing ovations for this amazing lecture. His academic research into ancient sites is truly as courageous as it is cutting edge. He is credited for the well documented evidence of the Sphinx being much much older than previously thought, and received world recognition for his work. He is a master of fitting science into the gaps that prove the human race extends much further than has previously been accepted by academia. His astonishing theories on the role of solar radiation into human evolution is well documented and eloquently presented in a very loigcal manner. This presentation is well worth your time.

Dr Schoch will be presenting at the 2015 Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Event in Colorado (May 29-June 1), along with Graham Hancock, James Tyberonn, David Hatcher Childress, Dr Charles Thomas Cayce (Grandson of Edgar Cayce), John Major Jenkins, John Van Auken, Dr Jeri Castronova, Dr Joe McNamara-MD, Dr John Ryan-MD , Mona Delfino, Linda Robinson, Catherine Kominos, Adrienne Goff, Arielle Michael , Kirby Seid and Dr Cheri St Arnauld.