Monday, June 1, 2015

So sad...but what an Amazing man!

I had the honor to spend a day along the Napali Coast with Terry Lilley (marine biologist) who runs a non profit organization and who takes people on his tiny Zodiac which belonged to Steven Spielberg during the filming of Jurassic Park...but you know what, Terry is gonna need a bigger boat!
Terry is trying to awaken and educate the population to the disasters that is facing the North Shore of Kauai. The consequences of the Military activity on the North Shore of Kauai are very simple:
Turtles, dolphins, wales are dying or are severely damaged by Military microwaves weapons (Watch the video!). The reefs have 90% died in the last three years! All the way to the outer reefs. In some places it's 100%! On top of the beautiful mountains of Kauai are several giant 6 million watt microwave towers! These towers were "weoponized" two years ago to be used in the Military electronic war games that operate all along the north shore of Kauai daily. One month after the towers were jacked up to millions of watts the reef started to die.

Terry is taking people on his boat (on donation). No touristic expensive tour! Terry will share with you his knowledge and will take you snorkeling in different places all along the Napali coast.

You can support Terry by donating or just sharing the info. His website:

For a better world....thank you Terry!