Sunday, June 22, 2014

A quick reminder for the doctors!

Our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of being are connected by vortices of energy known as chakras (wheels of light in Sanskrit) It is through these chakra vortices that imbalances on one level are passed on to another. Thus when we get very emotionally stressed, the first thing that happens is that we stop thinking straight. The imbalance on the emotional level is transmitted to the mental level. This is eventually passed onto the physical level if the imbalance is not corrected and this is how stress and emotional upset causes illness and disease or dis-ease. The emotional imbalances manifest in the physical body as chemical reactions and it is these reactions that official medicine (the transnational drug corporations) seeks to “treat” at unbelievable cost in both money and long term effects on the body. They treat the symptom, not the cause, because most doctors are so in-doctor-rinated that they have no idea how the body really works and what the human being really is. Those that control the drug corporations do know, however, and they use every means possible to suppress “alternative” healing methods which treat the cause and not the symptom.