Monday, March 10, 2014

The importance of understanding Impermance, Non Grasping and Non Attachment by Sogyal Rinpoche

Life is impermanent: the discontinuity is a part of the fundamental continuity. For example, if a watch doesn’t tick—move, change—it’s not working, it’s dead. If your heart is not beating, constantly changing, you are dead. It is change that keeps life alive, & provides us with the opportunity to change. Most of all, what impermanence teaches us is to let go of attachment, which only bring pain & suffering.
Once we can accept that impermanence is the very nature of life, & that everyone suffers, including ourselves, at the hands of change & death, then letting go becomes the only natural thing to do—in fact, the only thing that works. Then, our attachment to our grief is loosened, & impermanence becomes a consolation, bringing us peace, confidence & fearlessness. And most important of all, we can see clearly how futile it is to grasp at something which is simply ungraspable.
The extraordinary thing is that when you do accept death & impermanence, you realize you’re not losing anything at all. In fact, you are gaining everything. It’s as if you are losing the clouds, but gaining the sky.