Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Free Will / Illusion of Free Will

At the edge of the Perception Horizon (what we call our reality), light splits into antimatter and matter components. The three are eternally bound in a continuous cycle, being neither light nor matter nor antimatter. The antimatter and matter components are “real”, but are rather like viewing light through one aspect. They are separate from light and not separate at the same time.

The component of antimatter exists in negative space-time and at the c2 vibration, whilst matter exists at the c vibration. The two worlds are mirror images of each other and intimately entwined. In fact, the antimatter gives rise to the matter region. This leads to an extraordinary conclusion. Everything that happens in our world with matter and positive space-time has already happened in the negative time antimatter region.

The antimatter region contains a type of blueprint that shapes our world. It contains all the information for everything to exist in the positive timeline region.  Remember that when we are in either the c or the c2 region, it is as if we are looking at light, through a certain aspect. Just as a prism splits light into different colors, light has been split into different regions, the c and c2 region. The underlying truth is that all is light.

So it is with the mass and charge and time of the antimatter and matter. When combined, they cancel out. So really time does not exist in the big picture, it is as if consciousness itself is looking through a window, which gives the illusion that time exists. This window is our world, with all the events that occur within it. In the deeper aspect of our reality, all the events are happening at once, they are therefore both in a timeline and out of one, at the same time.

The Black Hole Principle is finally in a position to answer questions about free will and destiny. You life has already happened in the negative timeline region and is simply following a pattern shaped by the antimatter region.

However, remember that we are all both antimatter, matter and light at the same time. We exist both in time and out of time at the same time. Par of everything and everyone is eternal and exists beyond the Perception Horizon (above the speed of light). It is this part of you that is in the Eternal Now of mystical teaching. This is what is traditionally known as the higher self. When you choose, you choose from the eternal self that exists out of space and time. From this perspective events do not occur in a sequence. This is the region of transcendent consciousness that is just on the edge of scientific discussion. The choices you experience in your life (below the speed of light) have truly occurred here (above the speed of light), transcendent of your birth and death. The blueprints for our life events exist in the mirror world in negative space-time and we simply travel through them in positive space-time.

This may lead someone to question the point of a life where the choices have been made for you. The point of life is the experience, those daily thoughts and our reactions to events. It is as if the great oneness is playing a game with itself and pretending to be separate in order to learn about itself.

-Manjir Samanta Laughton- "Punk Science"