Saturday, September 14, 2013

The science of Consciousness - From the book "Punk science" by Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Mainstream physics doesn’t know where 98% of the mass of the universe comes from. They called this missing mass: dark matter. We can see visible matter but calculations tell us that this is a woefully small amount compared to the vastness of space and the mass that the universe should contain. We know that it contain more mass, because we can witness its effects in terms of the gravity it produces but nobody can see it, it appears to be missing.

- Special relativity says that nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light. As an object approaches such a speed, it also approaches infinite mass. It therefore never actually reaches light speed, no matter how fast it moves. The heavier it gets, the less it can move and so on, until infinity.

- However, light does not have mass. Light does not seem to be an object as such, but a type of movement or energy. In the days of Einstein, the photon, was the only known particle to have mass. Since then, we have discovered that the neutrino is also massless and is known to move at the speed of light.

- Not only is the photon massless, it also exists out of space and time. How can something have a speed and be out of space and time? I believe that light is not actually something moving at all. What we measure as the speed of light is actually the limitations of our perception of this dimension of reality.

- Light is limitless. It is simply expressed in the different vibrations of all the different dimensions. As many researchers across the world are now realizing, the speed of light is related to the frequency of vibration you happen to find yourself at. The higher frequencies in higher dimensions appear to have a higher speed of light. It is simply an expression of the vibrational limit of perception for each dimension.

- Hence, you can never catch up with a photon. You are not actually catching up with a “thing” at all, but a limitation of vibration of consciousness. Within this limitation, consciousness takes on the form that we are familiar with, the world of electrons and other particles with mass. Beyond this limitation, mass does not exist.

- The speed of light is our perception limit or Perception Horizon and when we move beyond the Perception Horizon we start to find the secrets to creation itself.

- The missing mass of the universe lies beyond our Perception Horizon and out of our three-dimensional reality. Most of the universe lies in higher dimensions, in vibrations that are too subtle for us to see. This is not the realm of mass and because we are used to dealing with solid objects, we have totally missed the point. We try to describe the universe in terms of the familiar three-dimensional realm.

- Hence, most of the universe remains invisible to us. Except to the mystics: those who have received what is known as enlightenment. They are the ones who can shift their perception into these realms and catch glimpses of this subtle light, which has been described in esoteric traditions throughout the world and all history. They have this ability, because the part of them that is consciousness does not have mass and is able to move beyond the limitations of this world. This ability is within all of us but some simply have not realized it yet.

We can now understand why 98% of our universe is a mystery to us. We have named it dark matter and dark energy. In reality these are the realms of light beyond our perception Horizon. If we could perceive it, we would know that what we have called dark is not dark at all, it is brilliantly light.

- Some physicists are concluding from quantum physics that consciousness is fundamental to reality.

- The universe exists as many dimension of consciousness and some of these dimensions are invisible to us.

- The speed of light is not the speed limit of the universe at all but simply the limit of our perception in the three-dimensional world. Above this limit lies what we previously called dark matter, which actually contains the light of higher dimensions.

- The darkest places of the universe have traditionally been black holes, which contain a core of infinite density, a singularity that is beyond the laws of physics.

- A black hole is surrounded by an event horizon.

- Black holes are not destructive; they are the source of creation for the universe. At the center of a black hole is the singularity, which we can define as an infinite source of light. From this source light makes its journey, stepping down through the higher dimensions that lie beyond our perception until it reaches the edge of our reality. This is the event Horizon of the black hole delineating what lies above and below the speed of light.

- At the event horizon, the splitting of light occurs into matters and antimatter.

- The matter, in the form of the electron, is emitted in fast moving jets.

- When light hits our dimension from higher ones it also produces a component of antimatter, a mirror world.

- The region we live in is that of below the speed of light and positive energy. It has positive mass and positive space-time.

- The region above the speed of light contains negative mass and negative space-time.

- Light is infinite but expresses itself in different dimensions and region according to the rate of vibration of that region.

- The mirror universe is the region of antimatter, which is why we do not detect it for more than a few fractions of a second because it cannot stay in our physical region for very long. It belongs in the mirror universe.

- Antimatter is actually existed alongside our world all along but because it has been beyond our perception horizon, we have not been able to detect it.

- Consciousness is fundamental to the universe. There is a state of the universe that is unmanifest and formless. This is the region in the center of a black hole.

- In order to create the world that we see around us, this undifferentiated light has to “descend” from the center of the black hole through the dimensions to become our world.

- It is only when discussing of the regions of matter and antimatter that it makes any sense to speak of time or speed. All other dimensions either exist out of timeframes or experience time in ways we cannot comprehend.

- Light makes its journey from the center of the black hole to our world, it enters first the antimatter region and then our matter region.

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