Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Steven Hairfield on addiction to depression, anxiety, anger

Steven discusses addictions not alcohol or drugs no it is much deeper than this! We as the human have the ability to become addicted to things that we do not like such as depression or even anxiety and even anger. Why? We are human we have a body to give us experiences and we have the ability to become attached to these experiences whether we like them or not. One of the greatest hurdles if you will is the human physical form and the outer world. We set ourselves up to have the experiences of things such as anxiety and even depression, yes it is true. Why do we have the cycles in life that we do? It is for the very same reason. The idea of self mastery is to overcome physical attachments and it is these attachments that hold us in place. Once we free ourselves from the things we seem to want we are able to move much easier into higher consciousness. Interestingly enough once we reach that higher level within us there are no longer any addictions nor are there any attachments. The idea of this short video is to give people food for thought on their very own behavior. If the outer world gives you anxiety then the outer world is controlling you and this was never meant for us to do. To be truly empowered then you be the power and all else fades away?