Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Value of the Ego

A great explanation of the function of the human ego by Steven Hairfield.

The human ego I feel is one of most misunderstood attributes about us. It has great value in the sense that is our unique expression of who we actually are. It is what separates us as individuals. It is our identity. So many people have said that it is something that we must get rid of yet if we did we would be nothing more than robots. It is one of the greatest powers that we have. It is our true creative ability! We have simply not been taught how to use it. It is our teacher in a sense as it shows us our weaknesses our frailness and by so doing it will lead us in how to strengthen them to the point where we have no weakness only true internal strength. Make your ego your friend you ally and by so doing it will teach you and then you will be able to hone and control it to achieve much higher levels of consciousness!