Monday, August 13, 2012

Microbes: Very important discoveries!!!!!

A huge international research project dedicated in isolating the full spectrum of microbes present in a human body and defining each of their roles.

Their discoveries are astonishing: read the recent article published by the New-York Time: In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria:

The Pasteur Theory does not hold anymore and looks obsolete. What are we going to do now that this study proves without a shadow of a doubt that microbes are vital and not pathogenic the way we have been told. This confirms that Bechamp, Hamer, Naessens and many more scientists from around the planet are right.

What should we think about vaccinations, infectious diseases and immunity now? You are invited to understand the big picture in a new light Tuesday August 21st in Irvine at 6:30 PM.(Follow this link for fee, location and registration)

You will leave this 2-hrs thought-provoking lecture with a unprecedented clarity and a sense of peace regarding our microscopic friends. We will talk about:

- The non-sense, inefficiency and danger of vaccinations,

- The lie regarding AIDS, flu virus, etc.

- How an epidemic can happen

- What weakens the immune system and why a weak immune system is necessary at some point in the healing.

- Microbes are not the cause of disease

- Microbes are not contagious!

- The fungus-cancer correlation: what is really going on?

- What behavior to adopt with germs and how to address them from now on?

- and more depending on your questions...

The Biodecoding Institute


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